Make QR Codes

Create QR codes and direct those who scan them to any content you need. The tool allows you to link to a website, a video, dial a phone number, send an SMS text message, or link to social media.

Track QR Codes

Unlike most other QR Generators out there, our QRIntel platform allows you to track the performance of scanned codes so you can determine ROI and ensure your marketing campaign(s) are as successful as predicted. Our analytics show you number of scans, number of unique scans, in what geolocation the user scanned to code, and on what mobile platform they are using.

Pro Services

Want more? We offer professional services such as a professional mobile website builder, hands-on consultation, and/or custom QR Code design services.

Stay Tuned

There is so much more in the mobile arena. Frequently tune in to QRIntel to learn more. Check out our blog to learn more.